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Ground Beef - 1 Pound

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1 Premium Texas Ground Beef Package



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Everyone loves Ground Beef! Its uses are endless and it is oh-so-easy. From burgers to tacos, spaghetti to casseroles, our 85/15 ground beef is sure to make your next meal a success!

Our Black Angus Ground Beef is grass fed and grain finished on Texas Ranches. You can feel good knowing that the cattle selected for all of Prime Texas Meat Co.’s beef is USDA confirmed and inspected to be free of added hormones and antibiotics. Beef is dry aged for a minimum of 21 days for exceptional flavor and tenderness.

The Premium Texas Beef line of products is chosen from the very top “Choice” graded cattle, which has ample marbling closer to that of a “Prime” graded cut. With a high degree of marbling and tenderness this delicious beef is sure to please!