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Prime Texas Meat Co. was founded on the belief that we should all be able to feel good about the meat we eat. Our family comes from a long line of Texas ranchers and we know the importance of properly caring for both the livestock and the land it is raised on. We wanted to be able to provide the consumer with a more direct purchasing route to the ranchers. A simpler way for our customers to get high-quality meat and fill up their freezers.

When you buy meat from us, you can rest assured that we know exactly how each animal was raised and cared for. In addition to raising our own cattle, we also source our meat from only a few very select ranches with the highest commitment to raising their cattle in a safe and humane way. The cattle go directly from the ranch to a USDA certified butcher, bypassing the large commercial process. We know every detail, from the genetics of the livestock, to how it was raised, handled and packaged and believe that so should you.

Your purchase supports ranchers that are committed to raising happy, healthy Texas beef. Their hard work and determination results in tender, flavor filled meat that can only be the product of an extreme attention to detail.

Our meat is healthy, humane and honestly delicious. Without a doubt, this is a product that you can be proud to serve to your family and friends.

"Everything we've ordered has been amazing! So nice to have a local company we can count on especially during these uncertain times. We highly recommend Prime Texas Meat Company. You won't be disappointed!!"

PF - Boerne, TX

"The beef we received from Prime Texas Meat Company was absolutely delicious! This top quality meat was melt in your mouth tender. They provide an outstanding product and great customer service."

Shannon M.

"Love everything we have tried from our quarter beef, such great quality. Also great customer service and a locally owned small business. Highly recommend!"

Sarah K.

"Just received our half beef from Prime Texas Meat Company! Excited to have our freezer filled! Such a great company to work with!"

Haute Air Boerne

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